What makes us different?

We here at keep IT simple have a drastically different pricing model than most traditional technology support companies, and frankly we think this pricing model benefits you–the customer–in the long run. We strive to put clients on low monthly retainers vs. charging the industry average of $120 per hour for support. This has a number of benefits for everyone involved:

  1. With a set retainer, keep IT simple is encouraged to implement the best long term solution for a problem. This is in our best interest because it will cut down on our monthly service calls and maximize our profits for the month. If we were to charge hourly rates like most other technology solution providers, it would be easier to put in a “band-aid” solution that will not last. We know we will be called back the next time the issue arises and can charge to fix the problem again. We are not saying all other IT providers are doing this on purpose, but the question should be raised. Since we structure our payments as a set monthly retainer, we are encouraged to fix the problem right the first time and avoid additional calls about the same issue.
  2. Known monthly spend on IT services. With a set retainer the customer can plan and budget appropriately for IT spend through the year without fluctuation in the monthly cost based on volume of work.
  3. Issues from customers on a monthly retainer take precedence over hourly paying customers.

Monthly retainers are determined by number of employees and volume of work.

If any large projects are encountered that require a significant amount of extra time from keep IT simple, we will discuss and agree on additional pricing with the client BEFORE any work begins.