Hardware Support

No matter if you need new all new desktops or a just few upgrades to bring your computing fleet into the 21st century–keep IT simple can help. We will audit your current equipment and make recommendations on the best way to maximize your current investment, upgrade where necessary, and make sure your employees are provided with appropriate equipment for the task they are performing.  Not every user needs an expensive, powerful machine and on the flip side not very user can get away with a cheap, low end computer. The best tool for the job is our motto.  There is a reason a full spectrum and price range of computers are made by manufacturers and we can help determine what machine is right for your employee!

In addition to desktop hardware support, keep IT simple has years of datacenter server experience that we can put to use for you if you have the need. We have worked with all major server manufacturers and are fluent in VMware, Windows and Linux as server platforms. 

If you have computers and servers–you are sure to have a network as well. Keep IT simple can design, support and manage that network for you! We have experience with most major brands of networking equipment and make the proper recommendations for your business based on the size of your office and your bandwidth requirements.

If we are talking about hardware in today’s modern business you can’t forget about mobile devices and tablets.  We can help repair mobile devices, manage company issued devices, and help support BYOD in your environment.

Shared storage — no matter the platform — simple file server with redundant drives, a NAS, or a SAN, keep IT simple can help your business store and protect the digital data that is critical to your company. Let us know your storage needs and we can help!

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